How does Data Recovery Partner work?

Release time:2020-03-12 15:28:20

My deleted files can be recovered? Yes, it is possible! But it is not 100% possible.

  Lets start with the basic principle of data recovery. For the efficiency of operation system, when you delete a file (such as clear up a file from the recycle bin), it doesnt directly erase this file from hard disk, instead,it just deletes the location mark of the file. So the marked-as-deleted file havent been deleted untill this location mark is written by new data.

  Obviously, even a file has been deleted, if the location mark has not been written by new data, then the file actually exists.Thats why Data Recovery Partner can recover deleted files: bypassing the operation system, re-read the marked-as-deleted files directly from the disk, Restore them to the specified directory.

  What if the deleted file was written by new data before the its recovered? Then this file might be damaged. Data Recovery Partner could try its best to repair it, but it sill might fail. Therefore, the fewer times written to the disk partition where the deleted file located, the higher probability that the deleted file will be successfully recovered.

For this reason, we recommend these following tips :

1. If there is a file on a disk partition to be recovered, stop writing any data in this disk partition,Like installing software, saving files, copying files, which may damage the files to be restored;

2. Please save the files to be restored on another disk (or disk partition) )among. Otherwise, newly written data may overwrite other files to be recovered;

3. After the file is lost in any reason, close all processes that can be closed to avoid possible disk write operations. Some programs may generate a large number of temporary files during the running process. These temporary files may also overwrite the files to be restored.

4. Try not to store important data on the system disk partition. The system disk (the disk on which the Windows operating system is installed) is a disk partition that is frequently read and written, so the possibility of recovery failure is higher than other partitions.

  Data Recovery Partner is a powerfull data recovery tool.Not only recovering damaged photos,documents and other files, but also rescuting formatted disk data and many other unexpected missing data!