Introduction of Software Function

  • Orion File Recovery

    Restore documents/pictures/videos directly deleted from desktop or
    hard disk

  • Error rasterization recovery

    It's easy to take a few steps to recover the hard disk data that has been deleted
    or formatted incorrectly.

  • U Disk/Memory Card Recovery

    Support the recovery of U disk/memory card and other data deleted inappropriately or carelessly by using

  • Recovery of Miscleared Recycling Bin

    When you accidentally empty the Recycle Bin
    , restore the Recycle Bin file directly.

  • Disk partition loss recovery

    Scanning the entire disk, obtaining all partitions
    information, and scanning each partition completely and thoroughly

  • Depth Scanning

    Deep scan scans more difficult to recover files,
    deep track space scan, lost files have no place to hide.

Data recovery steps

Select the location of the recovery file

Please select scanning mode

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